You're a recently qualified nail technician and you're trying to decide wether you should offer your services mobile or go down the salon route. Heres is some advice from me as an experienced mobile nail technician on the advantages and disadvantages of working mobile.

The Pro's

  • It's great to be able to fit your your nail work around your family and other commitments
  • You can offer a more personal and convinient service to your clients in the comfort of their own home
  • Being able to work flexible hours that suit you, and not forced to work only salon hours
  • You have no rent to pay, but you still have your expenses i.e. petrol etc
  • You can choose when you work
  • Make your work fit around your life rather than the other way around
  • Perfect if you like to work alone and are self motivated
  • Your are your own boss and not tied to a salon lease or long contract

Gel nails with real Swarovski crystals example

The Con's

  • Weight and awkwardness to carry of your nail equipment
  • You have to be sure that you are safe in a strangers home, always be sure someone knows where you are working
  • It can be difficult when you start out being a mobile technician to build your client base but will reap rewards in the long-term
  • It is more difficult to create retail oppotunites, as you don't have a stand to show off products
  • If you face any problems often you are all on your own to deal with them, you don't have colleagues or a manager to discuss them with
  • Your clients pets & children can cause a distraction and increase treatment time
  • Often it isnt fun to be out working in all kinds of weather, from freezing rain to hot sunshine

Being a mobile gel nail technician has proven very rewarding for me, but also hard work, even more so if you've not had much previous business experience. With alot of effort and motivation it can be an extremely rewarding business to be in.

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