Spray tanning in Hertford

Spray tanning is a safe way to achieve a radiant glow that you can only usually achieve on holiday! Spray tans don't involve spending along time under the sun or on a sun bed, which has been shown to damage and age your skin.

I'm fully qualified and insured to apply spray tan, and use the Sienna-x spray tan which I have found to give the best results for my clients.

Contact me to book a spray tan treatment in the comfort of your own home. Im happy to travel to the Hertford, Hertfordshire area to treat you. My price for a full body spray tan is £20.

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Before and after of spray tan

Spray tanning example

Spray tans are suitable for everyone, both male and female! Even those who do not tan well in the sun can enjoy a gorgeous sun kissed look!

When we meet for your spray tan treatment, we will discuss your requirements - your skin type, coverage and how deep your want your tan. Spray tanning is not suitable for those with breathing problems or if you are within the first trimester of pregnancy.

Spray tans typically last between 5 & 7 days, but this depends on your skin and your lifestyle. Preparing your skin before and proper care after your spray tan treatment will prolong the life of your tan, please continue reading below for more information.

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Spray tan preparation and care

To ensure a flawless spray tan finish, it is important that you prepare your skin prior to your spray tan treatment and take care of your tan afterwards.

Before your spray tan

  • Shave or wax at least 24 hours before your treatment
  • Exfoliate your body using an oil free product before your spray tan treatment, and if possible several days prior
  • Ensure that you patch test if required
  • Don't apply deodorant, moisturisers, perfumes or make-up before your spray tan
  • Avoid using products like showever gels & creams that contain oils or moisturisers

On the day of your spray tan

  • Don't apply perfumes, deodorant, moisturisers or make-up before your treatment
  • You will have a consultation to ensure you get a colour that suits you best
  • Tan treatments are done in a pop-up tent, to ensure no mess
  • Ensure that you have removed all jewellery
  • Tie your hair up, and ensure it's dry. Wet hair can drip onto your tan and leave streaks
  • Spray tan will mark your underwear so don't wear white or your best underwear. Your therapist can provide disposable underwear if you prefer
  • Cream will be applied to your hands and feet to ensure no dark marks
  • Once the treatment is completed, the therapist will air dry you to get the development process started.

Looking after your spray tan

  • Wear loose dark clothes (or if at home wear nothing) for at least 4 hours after the treatment
  • Avoid wearing a bra as the straps will rub and mark the tan
  • Don't scratch or run the tan as this might cause marks and streaks
  • Perspiration will affect the result of the tan, so avoid excessive exercise or getting to hot
  • Don't apply any make-up, moisturisers, perfume or deodorants until you have showered to remove the guide colour
  • Wait at least 8-10 hours before you shower and pat dry after a shower following with the use of a tan extender
  • Avoid getting any water on the tan until you have showered off the guide colour
  • Use soaps or shower gels with a PH Balance of 5.5% or lower to prevent fading the tan
  • If you are sleeping in your tan we advise not to sleep on white sheets
  • Avoid sitting in the bath for long periods as this will shorten the length of your tan
  • Don't use hair removal creams as they promote exfoliation
  • Try to avoid long hot baths and showers
  • Avoid saunas, steam rooms and chlorinated pools
  • If you exfoliate often this will shorten the life of your tan
  • Avoid sitting on leather or light coloured furniture, cover them with a towel first
  • If you need to shave, shave lightly over the skin to prevent removing the tan
  • Avoid any moisturisers that contain glycolic acids or sodium sulphate
  • Having a spray tan does not protect you from the sun, so always wear a SPF15 or more
  • After 3-5 days you may see the tan fade in areas. You can gently exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells

Really lovely eyelashes for my holiday, have lasted really well, would definitely come back again :)

Tasia Grace Summers, Stevenage.